Open your own storefront on Danzia!

Dear Studio Owners,

If you are passionate about helping your studio and your students, you would love Danzia Studio Programs! It is exclusively designed to help your business grow by providing convenient resources. Our service will help you earn amazing benefits that will help you and your business expand.

With our programs, we offer 3 different studio programs that will help you take the steps you need to move your dance business forward. These programs offer exclusive discount for you as the studio owner while earning profit by opening a free online store on Danzia. You can even sell your original costumes through us! By joining our program, you will have access to all 3 of these opportunities. We will even take care of the customer service for you. We don't just sell products, we want to help the dance community to reach their goals by making our programs free to join and easy to use, while you enjoy amazing benefits! We believe that when you succeed, Danzia succeeds too.

Passionate about your Studio Business? Let us help:

Studio Store Program

-Sell danzia inventory to your students/parents, you earn extra profit! Register for Free, Earn Profit, Stress Free

Direct Buy Program

-Studio owner can buy dance wear for classes, teams, or your boutique with studio exclusive discounts: up to 40% all brands

* Free shipping does not apply to Direct Buy program.

* Promotions and discounts may not be combined with studio discounts.

* Purchases using Direct Buy Program are not eligible for Danzia Dollars reward program.

Sell On Danzia Program

Do you have your own special costume designs? Danzia will help sell your costumes to more than 20,000 dance studios and professional teams

Start today! Once you join, you will have access to all three programs that can benefit your business forever!

* Studio owners must be approved before accessing our programs.

Please send email to to request a detailed packet explaining Danzia Studio Programs, or call (916)352-2445 to speak to our program coordinator.