Reward on every order!   Reward Program

Danzia strives to help customers save money. The Danzia Dollars® Reward Program works very simple: you earn reward Danzia Dollars from every order, and you can redeem the reward Danzia Dollars in your future orders.

  • In order to enroll in the Danzia Dollars® Reward Program, you must register with us. You must sign in to your account and check out your orders.

  • You earn reward points at four membership levels.
    MembershipQualificationReward Danzia Dollars®
    Silver$0 - $499 purchases$5 Danzia Dollars for every $100 of purchase
    Gold$500 - $999 purchases$6 Danzia Dollars for every $100 of purchase
    Platinum$1000 - $4999 purchases$8 Danzia Dollars for every $100 of purchase
    DiamondOver $5000 purchases$10 Danzia Dollars for every $100 of purchase

  • Redeemed Danzia Dollars are reversed upon order cancellation or return of items.

  • There is no minimum accumulated Danzia Dollars in order to redeem.

  • Earned Danzia Dollars expires in 12 months if it is not redeemed.

  • Danzia Dollars® Reward Program may not apply to clearance items or items in special promotion.

  • reserves rights to change or terminate the Danzia Dollars® Reward Program without notifying its customers.