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Featured Dancer Aleyna

Our featured dancer, Aleyna comes from Germany and she has been dancing since she was 3 years old......

Featured Dancer Giusy

Our featured dancer, Giusy comes from Italy and she has been dancing for almost 15 years......

Featured Dancer Hagar Kotzin

Our featured dancer, Hagar Kotzin comes from Israel and she is a versatile dancer who has been dancing for over 25 years, her motto is matching our essences with our appearance, now let's listen to her story...

Featured Dancer Annabel

Our 10 years old featured dancer, Annabel started her dance journey since she was 5 and now she dances at Pave School of the Arts......

Featured Dancer Chiara Esposito

Our featured dancer, Chiara Esposito discovered her passion for dance when she was eight and then she started her dance journey......

Featured Dancer Piper Jackson

Our featured dancer, Piper Jackson comes from Canada and right now she is in NYC at the YAGP finals, her story is just beginning...

Featured Dancer Lara Ekar Grlj

Our featured dancer, Lara Ekar Grlj comes from Slovenia and has been dancing for 16 years, now she dances in Italy, Junior company Balletto di Verona...

Featured Dancer Tania Gulei

Our featured dancer, Tania Gulei originally comes from Ukraine and she moved to the Netherlands 5 years ago to pursue her engineering study.She started dancing since she was 6 years old...

Featured Dancer Kayleigh

Our featured dancer, Kayleigh comes from South Africa but immigrated to the U.K. seven years ago, there she started her dance dream...

Featured Dancer Nina Noč

Our featured dancer, Nina Noč is a professional ballet dancer, soloist with Slovenian national ballet Ljubljana...

Featured Dancer Ruby Josephine Smith

Our featured dancer, Ruby Josephine Smith is a multi-passionate dancer living in Tangier, Morocco...

Featured Dancer Emmy Bucher

Our featured dancer, Emmy Bucher is an inspirational dancer. Dance makes her reborn...

Spot Light of the Week, Miss Hannah Clark!

Amazing dancers, featuring Hannah Clark at age 15, Hannah has been dancing for about 12 years and a senior production company at Elite...

Featuring Genevieve Carlson

Featured dancer, Genevieve Carlson is a stunning and talented ballet dancer at Master Ballet Academy

How to tell if your pointe shoes are not in use anymore.

It is important to know when your pointe shoes are not good to dance in them anymore and in need of replacing to avoid injury...

Featured Dancer Leighanna Kennett

Impavid is defined as "Fearless" and "Unafraid." Our featured dancer, Leighanna Kennett created this dance company to emulate her approach to life.

Featured Dancer Addison Holmes

Featured dancer Addison Holmes is the Ballet Director for Shannon Mather's Mather Dance Company in Orange County, California.

Featured Dancer Alexus Oladi

Our featured dancer, Alexus Oladi is better known as "Giggles" from Dance Moms! Learn more about her dance life...

Featured Dancer Natalia Catanea

Featured dancer, Natalia Catanea is a stunning and talented aerial dancer from Paris.

Featured Dancer Amanda Konstantine

Featured dancer, Amanda Konstantine is a true dancer and artist of many mediums out of Queens, NY.

Featured Dancer Angel Kaba

Featured dancer Angel Kaba developed her own dance technique, "Ka'frican" which is a combination of Hip Hop foundation with Afro Urban dance styles.

Featured Dancers Tap That Productions

Featured dancers, Tap That is an innovative celebration of women in tap dance.

Featured Dancer Amber Rose

Our featured dancer, Amber Rose is a trained and multi-talented dancer from the UK.

Featured Dancer Karla Alom

Get to know our featured dancer, Karla Alom who started ballet at a later age and quickly advanced!

Featured Dancer Diana Figueroa

Beauty, brains & ballet, our featured dancer Diana Figueroa is a multi-talented dancer to watch for!

Danzia Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of dance this year with our Holiday Gift Guide! Something for every dance style...

Featured Dancer The Blue Eyed Salsera

Ariana Alexa was born dancing, literally....

Featured Dancer Sophie Williams

Beautiful and talented! To our featured dancer Sophie Williams dance is not a hobby but a way of life.

Featured Dancers Unity4

Unity4 is a group of 4 young dancers whose mission is to spread positivity and friendship to everyone.

Featured Dancers The Fashion Composers

Best Friends & Ballerinas. Our featured dancers, Pascalle and Hannah have created a platform that combines dance and fashion.

Guest Dancer Milena Hiza

Our guest dancer of the week is the talented Milena Hiza

Featured Dancer Brooke Preston

Our featured dancer, Brooke is an ambitious dancer with the LA Clippers who has achieve her dreams and so much more.

Featured Dancer Tiana Heaton

At age 11, Tiana was awarded a 2016/2017 JUMP VIP Dance scholarship and was a 2016 LAS VEGAS DANCE AWARDS BEST DANCER Finalist.

Featured Dancer VikTory

Beautiful and brave; our featured dancer Viktory has traveled the world as a ballerina model.

Featured Dancer Hazel Rodriguez

Our featured dancer of the week is nothing short of incredible. Hazel Rodriguez has had a passion for ballet since she was 3 years old.

Featured Dancer Ava Lynn

At a young age, Ava has more confidence and aspiration than others twice her age!

Featured Dancer Nicque Robinson

Although Nicque had traveled across the world dancing, she stays true to her roots. Her hometown was hit hard by the devastation from Hurricane Sandy and she encourages all to give back in any way possible.

Rachael Switzer

rom traveling to places she otherwise might have never seen to performing at Lyric Opera of Chicago, dance has brought so many positive things into the life of our guest dancer, Rachael Switzer.

Guest Dancer Kahlan Feichtenbeiner-Franson

Kahlan never let anything stop her from reaching her potential, not even age restrictions or a surprise trip to the ER!

Guest Dancer Becky Bearse

Complicated. Passionate. Versatile. Sensitive. Unique. These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe our guest dancer of the week, Becky Bearse.

Featured Dancer Dayanara Vega

With all of her success and triumphs, she encourages others to stay humble and appreciate the art dance.

Featured Dancer Emma Wolff

At 11 years old, our featured dancer Emma Wolf has the passion of someone well beyond her years!

Featured Dancer Markella

Our featured dancer of the week is Markella! Starting out (as she puts it) as one of the worst dancers easily, through perseverance and dedication she became a scholarship student.

Try Something New! Aerial Lyra Hoop

Bored of the same old workout routine? We tried the Aerial Lyra Hoop workout!

4th Of July Picks

Baby, you're a firework! Celebrate the 4th in some of our fabulous patriotic dancewear.

Featured Dancer Grace Tiangco

Grace has been able to create an incredible dance career for herself as a professional dancer on cruise ships. Not only is she able to dance for a living, but she is able to travel the world.

Easy Ways for Dancers to Save $$$

We know dancing can sometimes be expensive! Here are some tips to help ease your stress.

Featured Dancer Jalen Justice

We stumbled upon Jalen Justice by chance as he is one of our Danzia models. Little did we know he had an incredible story and dance career.