Bloch Adult Ballon 3/4 Sleeve V-Front Leotard
Bloch Adult Ballon 3/4 Sleeve...

$29.90  $22.43
Save: 25% off
Bloch Adult Chevron Band Camisole Leotard
Bloch Adult Chevron Band...

$37.50  $31.88
Save: 15% off
Bloch Adult Elastic Sunray Back Camisole Leotard
Bloch Adult Elastic Sunray...

$37.50  $31.88
Save: 15% off
Bloch Adult Short Sleeve Leotard
Bloch Adult Short Sleeve...

$19.50  $16.58
Save: 15% off

Pointe Shoes

Bloch Adult Amelie Ballet Pointe Shoes
Bloch Adult Amelie Ballet...

$65.00  $57.80
Save: 11% off
Bloch Adult Aspiration Pointe Shoes
Bloch Adult Aspiration Pointe...

$62.00  $54.40
Save: 12% off
Bloch Adult Axiom Pointe Shoes
Bloch Adult Axiom Pointe Shoes

$80.00  $69.70
Save: 13% off
Bloch Adult Axiom Pointe Shoes Stronger Shank
Bloch Adult Axiom Pointe...

$80.00  $69.70
Save: 13% off


Bloch Girls Endura Footed Tights
Bloch Girls Endura Footed...

$9.00  $7.78
Save: 14% off
Bloch Ladies Endura Footed Tights
Bloch Ladies Endura Footed...

$13.50  $11.63
Save: 14% off
Body Wrappers Adults totalSTRETCH Footed Tights
Body Wrappers Adults...

$14.90  $11.49
Save: 23% off



Bloch Adult "Celine" V neck Long Sleeve Top
Bloch Adult "Celine" V neck...

$29.00  $21.75
Save: 25% off
Bloch Adult "Darlene" Cross Over Knit Cardigan
Bloch Adult "Darlene" Cross...

$29.00  $21.75
Save: 25% off
Bloch Adult "Jessie" Crop Tie Front Top
Bloch Adult "Jessie" Crop Tie...

$26.50  $19.88
Save: 25% off
Bloch Adult "Lydia" Long Sleeve Shrug
Bloch Adult "Lydia" Long...

$23.70  $17.78
Save: 25% off

Ballet Slippers




Bloch Adult Pull-on Ballet Skirt
Bloch Adult Pull-on Ballet...

$23.90  $17.93
Save: 25% off
Bloch Adult Professional Georgette Wrap Ballet Skirt
Bloch Adult Professional...

$19.90  $14.93
Save: 25% off
Bloch Child Georgette Wrap Skirt
Bloch Child Georgette Wrap...

$15.90  $13.52
Save: 15% off
Bloch Georgette Wrap Skirt
Bloch Georgette Wrap Skirt

$19.90  $16.92
Save: 15% off


Toe Pads

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