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Poprageous The Ultimate Tartan Leggings

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Poprageous Dancewear

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Poprageous The Ultimate Tartan Leggings

So, what da fook is a tartan anyway? This is a question that we may have all wondered at one point in time or another. Well today is your luckiest of lucky days, my friend, because it just so happens to be "A BRIEF HISTORY OF TARTAN DAY" here at POPRAGEOUS. I know. I can't believe it either.

In many countries today, the pattern of interlocking stripes called a tartan is often mistakenly known as "plaid"...and as Michael Jackson would say, that's just ignorant. And since being ignorant is for sissies, we we're gonna go ahead and get enlightened.

So. Plaid. Plaid actually comes from the Gaelic word for blanket, and is specifically used in the context of Highland dress to refer to a large length of material. But SADLY, by some fluke of social propriety, in the real world it has been deemed unacceptable to wear blankets as clothing (we're looking at you Snuggie-clad Walmart shoppers). So instead of committing social suicide by wearing blanket-material, the sad, cold, snuggie-less Scots thought "hey, why don't we create something that's even more badass than plaid AND that will look cute as hell when (in approximately 1700 years) a Los Angeles leggings brand called POPRAGEOUS wants to make a cozy, fashionable, and super wearable Wintery print for their kickass customers?" And that's the 100% true, no bullsh*t, story of how the Tartan pattern was born.

Brand: Poprageous
Model: PROLEG1017
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You should be wearing the undergarments when measuring bust. Wrap a flexible tape measure around the biggest part of your bust. Make sure the tape lays flat, and goes only over your chest and shoulderblades. Breathe normally--do not hold your breath!


Use your fingers to find the top of your hip bone at your side (your "iliac crest"). Your waist is the soft area just above the hip bone, below your rib cage. Stand up straight and exhale slowly. Hold the end of the tape measure at your navel and bring it around your waist to the front.


Align the metal tab that corresponds with the first inch of tape the front of your abdomen. Wrap the rest of the measuring tape around your abdomen. Move the measuring tape so that it is at the widest point of your buttocks. Bring the opposite (end) side of the measuring tape so that it overlaps with the beginning. Breathe out. This may allow the measurement to widen slightly, but it will ensure a more comfortable measurement.


Girth is especially important to any one piece garment such as a leotard, unitard, or dance dress with attached briefs. Girth is the vertical measurement of the circumference of your torso. Start by placing a flexible dressmaker's tape measure at the top of the shoulder, drape it down the front of the body (over the breasts, not between them if you are a woman), go between the legs at the crotch, up the back of the body to the exact same place on the top of the shoulder. This makes a continuous loop around the torso.

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