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Featured Dancer Lux Lächeln

Lux Lächeln and Southbound Photography collaborated on a beautiful photography session featuring our Danzcue Angel Wings.

Gift Guide for Graduates

We have curated a selection of gift ideas for each special dancer graduate in your life.

Featured Dancer Anabel Kutay

Anabel Kutay is an actress/dancer has worked for Madonna, Beyonce and was a finalist on SYTYCD UK

Songs for Mother's Day Routine

Why not use your most precious talent to treat your mom this year? Create a dance routine and perform it for her!

Featured Dancer: Averi Hodgson

Those who dance know how grueling it can be; the bruised knees, sore toes and consistently stiff muscles. To Averi Hodgson, these issues seem so miniscule.

DIY Flower Bun

Want a little something springy to dress up your recital outfit? This DIY flower crown is so easy to put together and will style up any outfit. You can wear this on and off the dance floor!

Contest! Show us your LBL (Little Black Leotard)

Share a photo of your favorite leotard that you own or a photo of your favorite leotard on the Danzia website. It’s time to showcase that one special leotard that makes you feel confident while you dance in front of the crowd!

My favorite was when I did an outdoor photoshoot

It was super fun and included lot of freedom to create whatever kind of look and aesthetic we were going for.


My goals before the end of the year is to: pass all my classes...

October is gone and November is here

Well enough of my lesson learn. This past October I did many thing and a few were my first time.