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Featured Dancer Brooke Preston

Our featured dancer, Brooke is an ambitious dancer with the LA Clippers who has achieve her dreams and so much more.

Featured Dancer Tiana Heaton

At age 11, Tiana was awarded a 2016/2017 JUMP VIP Dance scholarship and was a 2016 LAS VEGAS DANCE AWARDS BEST DANCER Finalist.

Featured Dancer VikTory

Beautiful and brave; our featured dancer Viktory has traveled the world as a ballerina model.

Featured Dancer Hazel Rodriguez

Our featured dancer of the week is nothing short of incredible. Hazel Rodriguez has had a passion for ballet since she was 3 years old.

Featured Dancer Ava Lynn

At a young age, Ava has more confidence and aspiration than others twice her age!

Featured Dancer Nicque Robinson

Although Nicque had traveled across the world dancing, she stays true to her roots. Her hometown was hit hard by the devastation from Hurricane Sandy and she encourages all to give back in any way possible.

Rachael Switzer

rom traveling to places she otherwise might have never seen to performing at Lyric Opera of Chicago, dance has brought so many positive things into the life of our guest dancer, Rachael Switzer.

Guest Dancer Kahlan Feichtenbeiner-Franson

Kahlan never let anything stop her from reaching her potential, not even age restrictions or a surprise trip to the ER!

Guest Dancer Becky Bearse

Complicated. Passionate. Versatile. Sensitive. Unique. These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe our guest dancer of the week, Becky Bearse.

Featured Dancer Dayanara Vega

With all of her success and triumphs, she encourages others to stay humble and appreciate the art dance.

Featured Dancer Emma Wolff

At 11 years old, our featured dancer Emma Wolf has the passion of someone well beyond her years!

Featured Dancer Markella

Our featured dancer of the week is Markella! Starting out (as she puts it) as one of the worst dancers easily, through perseverance and dedication she became a scholarship student.

Try Something New! Aerial Lyra Hoop

Bored of the same old workout routine? We tried the Aerial Lyra Hoop workout!

4th Of July Picks

Baby, you're a firework! Celebrate the 4th in some of our fabulous patriotic dancewear.

Featured Dancer Grace Tiangco

Grace has been able to create an incredible dance career for herself as a professional dancer on cruise ships. Not only is she able to dance for a living, but she is able to travel the world.

Easy Ways for Dancers to Save $$$

We know dancing can sometimes be expensive! Here are some tips to help ease your stress.

Featured Dancer Jalen Justice

We stumbled upon Jalen Justice by chance as he is one of our Danzia models. Little did we know he had an incredible story and dance career.

Featured Dancers K-NDC

This week we are featuring K-NDC, a Germany based dance group that specializes in K-Pop music.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Dancers

A good snack is like fuel for a dancer. We have listed 10 different easy snack ideas to make for days when you are running around town!

Featured Dancer Lux Lächeln

Lux Lächeln and Southbound Photography collaborated on a beautiful photography session featuring our Danzcue Angel Wings.

Gift Guide for Graduates

We have curated a selection of gift ideas for each special dancer graduate in your life.

Featured Dancer Anabel Kutay

Anabel Kutay is an actress/dancer has worked for Madonna, Beyonce and was a finalist on SYTYCD UK

Songs for Mother's Day Routine

Why not use your most precious talent to treat your mom this year? Create a dance routine and perform it for her!

Featured Dancer: Averi Hodgson

Those who dance know how grueling it can be; the bruised knees, sore toes and consistently stiff muscles. To Averi Hodgson, these issues seem so miniscule.

DIY Flower Bun

Want a little something springy to dress up your recital outfit? This DIY flower crown is so easy to put together and will style up any outfit. You can wear this on and off the dance floor!

Contest! Show us your LBL (Little Black Leotard)

Share a photo of your favorite leotard that you own or a photo of your favorite leotard on the Danzia website. It’s time to showcase that one special leotard that makes you feel confident while you dance in front of the crowd!

My favorite was when I did an outdoor photoshoot

It was super fun and included lot of freedom to create whatever kind of look and aesthetic we were going for.


My goals before the end of the year is to: pass all my classes...

October is gone and November is here

Well enough of my lesson learn. This past October I did many thing and a few were my first time.

My FUTURE is dance!

To me, dance is something that cannot be confined by words. It is a feeling as though you are water about to burst through a dam and race unabashedly through the air before crashing over rocks, exploding into a million little droplets.

Amazing ride coming back home and getting back to dance

I went to interview as a teacher as well as the audition for the modeling job. I am so thrilled to have gotten both!

Opera Lovers

The Russian Center of San Francisco invites you to the classical concert - " Opera Lovers" on January 30th, 2016 at 8pm.

Danzia Announces 2016 Catalog Ready for Online Downloading

Our team at Danzia is further showcasing our collection of activity apparel and shoes by announcing 2016 catalog that is now available for online viewing and downloading.

Dance Director of City Of Fremont Recreation Service Talks About Danzia

"Choose Danzia for your next presentation or recital performance. You will be happy that you did!", Debra said.

Summer Competition Season Sizzles - Sisters talk about their summer fun at Boston Nationals

"I had to compete in Southern California and win at regionals to make it to Nationals," stated Jasmine.

Danzia recognized as offering over 30 major brands

Danzia gives customers a comprehensive collection of major brands in dancewear, cheer, and activewear.

Danzia Announces NEW Catalogs Ready for Online Viewing

Our team at Danzia is further showcasing our dancewear items by announcing two new catalogs that are now available for online viewing.

Danzia Announces Its Dance Teacher Program

Dance Teacher Program gives extra savings to dance teachers and students when shopping at Danzia.com.

Danzia.com Now Recognized As Google Trusted Store

danzia.com, the online store for dancewear has recently been awarded the Google Trusted Store badge. The Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to ecommerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on time shipping and excellent customer service.